The Evolution of Supply for Chemical Hose in Oklahoma

The Need for Chemical Hose in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a major hotbed for farming, oil and natural gas industries in the south central US. Oil refining, food processing and machinery manufacturing have long been tied to Oklahoma's economic prosperity. These industries all require specialized hoses that are designed and constructed to withstand unique types of stress while delivering the required performance levels.
There are a number of different chemical hoses available with specific characteristics to appeal to industrial, manufacturing and power generating businesses in Oklahoma and all across the rest of the United States. Regardless of what specific characteristics are required, there is almost certainly a hose available that will provide the performance that is necessary to keep the business running at the highest levels.

The Evolution of Hose Suppliers

Traditionally, the hose distributors servicing Oklahoma were mostly larger corporations. These large hose and coupling distributors could charge higher prices based on the monopoly they held over the industry. These large distributors typically had lower levels of inventory, resulting in delays between the time the order was placed and when it was actually filled. Higher prices and long lead times caused customer frustration along with significant negative cost and production impact on the businesses that rely heavily on these products.
Today, there are different options available when it comes to finding fast and efficient suppliers of chemical hoses and couplers. Large corporations are receiving more competition from alternative sources of supply - a huge advantage for customers across Oklahoma and the US.  Customers now have more options when it comes to finding:
  • Large inventories of hoses and couplings
  • Competitive prices
  • High levels of customer service
  • Professional industry-specific advice
The evolution of fast and efficient shipping options has generated even greater competition among suppliers by allowing more distributors to service Oklahoma and other states within the US. It is now possible for customers in Oklahoma to purchase products from a supplier at a distance and receive same-day shipping.

Competitive Pricing and Large Inventories

The top suppliers will consistently provide access to a large inventory of specialized products. These products will include a wide variety of industrial-grade chemical hoses, couplings and sheet rubber to suit any customer needs quickly and efficiently. The top suppliers will provide excellent customer service to customers while also offering competitive pricing. It is vital to have the means to get these products to customers as fast as possible in order to minimize lead times.
Some examples of the types of chemical hoses that are relevant to Oklahoman industry and will be available from the top suppliers include the following:
  • XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) lined hose for use with up 90% of common chemicals and petroleum products. 
  • UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) lined hose for use with up to 94% of common chemicals and petroleum products.
  • Composite constructed with various layers of film. Composite hose is a different construction than the vulcanization of tube, reinforcement and cover of your typical rubber hose. This construction provides up to 4 times better flexibility at approximately 30% of the weight of rubber hoses. 
In addition to stocking large inventories of chemical hoses, it is important to provide access to the different types of couplings that are necessary to properly attach and repair these hoses as well.
If you are looking for chemical hoses in Oklahoma, choose a supplier with a large inventory of high quality chemical hoses and couplings at competitive prices with a genuine concern for customer service.
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